What is SwiftManager?

swiftmanagerSwiftManager it is a management system for various projects that simplify the maintenance of an apartment property or business. For example, many properties do a lot of paperwork and phone calls the old fashioned way, which is time-consuming. Swift makes this work easier by creating projects electronically. You can create projects, manage upcoming projects, assign user groups, notify changes and progress by email and internal messaging. In addition, in SwiftManager you can connect modules to upload files, documents, videos, and also sign documents with a digital signature.

In the basic package, functions such as creating accounts for employees, permanent residents, project managers or workers are already available. In SwiftManager you can create as many groups as you need, as well as set up various access rights to view or manage projects. But what if something doesn’t suit you or you would like to change? Just let us know about it. Our team will gladly help you to bring your ideas to life.

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  1. Hi guys. This is a really necessary thing until the age of technology. by the way, I actually agree that a lot of companies still do the paperwork… it’s very tiring. Thanks for your project!

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