How to create an account for Employees on SwiftManager

With SwiftManager, you can create multiple accounts for each employee of your company. You can create an account either manually or by allowing employees to create their own accounts by allowing registration on SwiftManager. Usually, the system manager himself creates an account for the new employee. You just need to enter the first and last name, as well as the email of your new employee. After that, the employee will receive an email. mail with his login and activation of his account. When activating an account in the application, the employee creates his personal password, thus maintaining complete confidentiality of the data.

So let’s create an employee account. Log in to swiftmanager using your username and password as a system manager. Then go to the main Administration menu. In the main menu, select – Users. Then in the submenu – New User.

How to create account on swiftmanager
Fill in only 2 fields: First name and Last name separated by a space, as well as the Email of the new user. Then select the user group to which he will belong, for example: Managers. Then click create.

After you have created an account, the employee will be sent an invitation to his email in order to activate the new employee account. As soon as the employee activates the account, he will be able to log in with his username and password, and then manage projects.

So, as you noticed, creating an account on SwiftManager is very simple. If you have any questions ask us about it.

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